Wichita Falls Tree Root Removal

#1 Tree Root Removal Service in Wichita Falls, TX

Marley Dozer Service near Wichita Falls, Texas is a full service family owned and operated dirt work and bulldozer service. We offer every sort of land clearing and raw land prep service out there, plus we specialize in tank (pond) builds and repairs. Our years of experience know just how troublesome locust tree roots and mesquite tree roots can be, so we also specialize in their complete removal so you can develop your land accordingly.

Below are various areas of our expertise to illustrate that we are a one-stop dozer shop if you’re building a home, barn, out-building, commercial venture or any structure on some raw acreage and the site needs to be prepped beforehand. From building roads to stock ponds to pads for your concrete slab and beyond, Marley Dozer Service is the answer.


If you have heavy underbrush and thick wooded areas that need to be removed from your acreage, we offer the very best land clearing service in North Texas – and the best prices.


A great solution to get rid of your unwanted perennial vegetation is mesquite grubbing where we remove it all from your land down to the root, ensuring it won’t return.


Every home site or commercial building needs a way in and way out. We build roads to spec and also offer road maintenance to keep them looking great for years to come.


If brush, heavy shrubs and trees have overtaken your fenceline, we clear out the unwanted overgrowth and debris to allow for easily accessibility.


When you need your building materials or heavy equipment hauled to the job site or elsewhere, give us a call to make sure everything arrives on time and in one piece.


We build farm ponds, tanks and fishing ponds on your rural property to spec. No job is the same, so have us come out to inspect your acreage today to come up with a plan.